Highly Educated

HE/Hitman Top Hat and Ball Cap Enails

$ 30.00

The Hinged Carb Cap OG E-Nail Attachment. Created by Highly Educated for Doug of Hitman Glass, a flippable hinge is used to attach the carb cap to the titanium moat. Never lose you carb cap again and always have it where you need it most. Conveniently carb your dab by flipping the hinged cap over the moat. When the moat is capped, the two opposing holes on the cap's sides evenly restrict air intake while slowly vaporizing your concentrates at a lower temperature. These dishes feature the OG E-Nail threads which allow them to connect to an OG Male, T-Adapter, D-Adapter, or an I-Adapter, to make a complete nail assembly. The cap also provides insulation as well as protection from wind for outdoor applications. These Limited Edition Ball Cap and Top Hat themed Carb Cap Attachments come engraved with Highly Educated and Hitman logos.

Hinge Hat OG E-Nail Attachment features:

  • Attachment Only, OG Male, T-Adapter, D-Adapter, and I-Adapter Bodies Not Included
  • Moat Attached to Hinged Hat Carb Cap
  • Compatible Nail: OG Male, T-Adapter, D-Adapter, and I-Adapter
  • Logo: Highly Educated x Hitman Engraved Logo
  • Material: Grade 2 Titanium
  • Polished Easy to Clean Surface
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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