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The Titanium X2 (TX2) dish for the titanium die-hard. Despite the growing popularity of quartz, titanium still has a strong following and a permanent place in the electronic nail marketplace. The TX2 is the perfect new addition to our line for those who's dabbing and cleaning habits have evolved, but still prefer the use of titanium. The TX2 dish features a new larger diameter designed to accommodate the larger volumes demanded by today's market. The TX2 also has an added radius to the dish, eliminating corners and making the titanium cotton swab friendly. The TX2 is the titanium version of the Quartz X2 (QX2) dish and features 5/16-18 "InfiniTi" threading allowing it to attach to any of our 5/16-18 threaded bodies. The TX2 dish is compatible with the X2 Titanium Carb Cap.

The TX2-HD nail kit is both torch and flat-coil compatible out of the box. It can be made either 16mm-coil or 20mm-coil compatible with either a 16mm X2 Enail Plug, or a 20mm X2 Enail Plug (sold separately).

Joint Sex

Male and female

Joint Size

14/18mm Female


ASTM B348 Gr2 Ti

Dish Outer Diameter


Dish Inner Diameter


Dish Volume (cc’s)


Thread Size/Pitch on Bottom

5/16-18 "InfiniTi"

Thread Size/Pitch on Top

5/16-18 "InfiniTi"

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