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Extendable Enail 16mm QX2S Hybrid

$ 200

The Extendable Enail series was created to address the problem of barrel style heater coils varying in height from manufacturer to manufacturer. The original E-Nail heater coil was 16mm Dia x 15mm H, but heater coils on todays market can be as much as 20mm tall. Rather than continue to make a custom nail head for every new heater coil height that was brought to us, we decided to address it with an adjustable enail insert that could extend to accommodate a wide variety of heater coil heights. Options for the extendable body are either a 14/18mm male style body or a 14/18mm female style body (coming soon). Option styles for the head are the Updated Standard Dish or the New Trench Dish as well as the QX2S Hybrid. Both styles of the heads are available in either a 16mm diameter dish or 20mm diameter dish to accommodate for 16mm barrel style coil heaters and 20mm barrel style coil heaters respectively.

Dish design: Updated Standard Dish, or Trench Dish

Joint Sex


Joint Size

14/18mm Male, 10mm Female


ASTM B348 Gr2 Ti

Dish/Cap Outer Diameter

See specifications of desired attachment

Dish/Cap Inner Diameter

See specifications of desired attachment

Dish Volume (cc’s)

See specifications of desired attachment

Thread Size/Pitch on Bottom


Thread Size/Pitch on Top

1/2-24 "OG"

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