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QX2-HD - 14/18mm Female

$ 155

The new QX2 quartz dish on a 14/18mm DualiTi Hybrid Adapter. Choose Enail coil plug options in the drop down menus. The QX2 is the large hybrid quartz dish upgraded from the V1 quartz dish. The QX2 is twice as thick and has twice the dish volume of our original V1 quartz dish. The dish is machined from GE clear fused quartz which has a nominal purity of 99.995% SiO2. 

 The QX2 is precision machined to fit perfect into our new titanium Quartz Shield (Not included here).The titanium Quartz Shield also makes the HE carb caps reverse compatible with the QX2 quartz dish.

NOTE: Use of the QX2 with a flat coil enail and H-adapter will require a Flat Coil Fastener instead of the original V1 Ti fastener.

This kit includes: (1) 14/18mm H-Adapter, (1) QX2 quartz dish, (1) original titanium fastener.

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