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QX2S-HM/Quartz CarbCap Bundle Pack

$ 230 $ 255

QX2S-HM - Quartz dish and shield and Quartz Carb Cap combination. Choose your dabber tip and preferred fastener length in the drop down menu.

This kit includes:
(1) QX2S-HM Hybrid Nail ($185)
(1) Quartz Carb Cap ($75)
Current retail value $255

Bundle Special $230 Save $25.00

Complete kits for the HM (14/18mm male 10mm female) versions of the QX2 Hybrid Nail. Flat coil compatible with either fastener.

Arguably, one of titanium's best traits is its durability. Quartz best trait is, arguably, its flavor. So why shouldn't a hybrid nail utilize the best that both materials have to offer? So for our latest adaptation of the hybrid nail, our goal was to create the most durable quartz/titanium hybrid nail on the market. Our updated quartz dish (QX2) has twice the wall thickness, twice the dish volume, and is both taller and wider than its V1 predecessor. On top of being larger, it's durability is significantly increased thanks to a  new titanium Quartz Shield (QS) which accompanies it. Both the quartz and titanium pieces are American made and precision machined to fit together. They benefit each other in the following ways.

The new QS serves three purposes:

(1) Protection: The most obvious purpose is protection from outside forces. This includes, accidental drops, direct contact with expanding coils, heavy handed carb-caps, running it over with your car, you know... The ordinary stuff. 
(2) Thermal: Quartz alone has a low thermal conductivity which results in low heat transfer. With electronic nail setups the QS helps facilitate heat transfer up and around the walls of the dish and spreads the energy more uniformly through out the entire dish. With regular torch setups the QS substantially increases heat retention time, therefore increasing the optimal temperature window time.
(3) Carb caps: Due to the large size of the new QX2 quartz dish, our current carb caps will not fit over the out side walls. However, attached to a titanium QS, the raised outer lip of the QS allows our titanium and quartz carb caps to now insert into the nail, rather than over it. 
Options are available with and without shield. 
NOTE: Use of the QX2 with a flat coil enail will require a Flat Coil Fastener instead of the original V1 Ti fastener.
This kit includes: (1) 10mm H-Adapter, (1) QS titanium quartz shield, (1) QX2 quartz dish, (1) original ti fastener, (1) Quartz Carb cap.

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