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Extendable Enail 20mm Standard

$ 90

The Extendable Enail series was created to address the problem of barrel style heater coils varying in height from manufacturer to manufacturer. The original E-Nail heater coil was 16mm Dia x 15mm H, but heater coils on todays market can be as much as 20mm tall. Rather than continue to make a custom nail head for every new heater coil height that was brought to us, we decided to address it with an adjustable enail insert that could extend to accommodate a wide variety of heater coil heights. Options for the extendable body are either a 14/18mm male style body or a 14/18mm female style body (coming soon). Option styles for the head are the Updated Standard Dish or the New Trench Dish. Both styles of the heads are available in either a 16mm diameter dish or 20mm diameter dish to accommodate for 16mm barrel style coil heaters and 20mm barrel style coil heaters respectively.

Dish design: Updated Standard Dish, or Trench Dish

Joint Sex


Joint Size

14/18mm Male, 10mm Female


ASTM B348 Gr2 Ti

Recommended Cap

Quartz Carb Cap



Dish Volume (cc’s)


Thread Size/Pitch on Bottom


Thread Size/Pitch on Top

1/2-24 "OG"

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