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10mm H-Adapter - 16mm Titanium Dish

$ 90

E-Nail inserts featuring an 10mm H-Adapter (10mm Female) titanium body. Options included for 16mm diameter coils, 20mm diameter coils, and flat coils.

Joint Sex


Joint Size



ASTM B348 Gr2 Ti

16mm and 20mm Titanium Dish
Recommended Carb Caps

Carb Cap V2, UniTi, Quartz Caps, ParTi Cap

QX2/QX2S Quartz Dish
Recommended Carb Caps

QX2: X2 Cap / QX2S: Quartz Cap 

Dish Volume (cc’s)

See specifications of desired attachment

Thread Size/Pitch on Bottom


Thread Size/Pitch on Top

5/16-18 "InfiniTi"

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