Hey guys,

2020 seems to be the year everything is canceled. And truth be told; we were about to have to cancel our annual 710 sale. Even though we are fabricating more quartz than ever, we have been hit with an industry-wide surge in wholesale demand and we have subsequently fallen behind on production finding ourselves here with empty shelves. 

However, after conversing with many of you who have inquired and requested we are going to offer pre-orders on Gavel 2's and Gavel 3's at a sale price. Pre-orders will ensure you obtain the items at the sale price, but will experience longer shipping times than a normal order placed with us.

Orders placed on highlyeducatedti.com are normally processed in one business day. We anticipate pre-order sales to have anywhere between a 2-6 week lead time as they have yet to be manufactured. This lead time will be dependent on order volume received. 

Pre-orders are fully refundable, so if you change your mind at any time before shipping just contact us. 

I apologize for the lackluster sale guys. We intend to increase our production to meet the increased demand of our customers and we hope to have a much better 710 sale next year.



GAVEL 2's and GAVEL 3's ONLY
Visit the listing pages for the Gavel preorders located here:


20% Discount use checkoout code:

Sale begins 7/10 est, ends 7/11 pdt.