Highly Educated

20mm Globstopper Weekend (BMG Collab)

$ 500.00

What happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object? They decide to work together of course. 

Black Market Glass and Highly Educated have come together to produce these limited rare productions. Only 100 parts made across 4 models, these items are not only unique in design but extremely rare and will never be made again. While the items are super functional, they are bound to be a talking piece amongst any quartz collection. 

The Globstopper Weekend features the BMG LSD (Literal Surface Depth) pattern on the inner diameter of the chamber wall. An innovation previously unaccomplished on a chambers inner diameter. This is paired with the HE SE (Surface Enhanced) floor. 

The bottom is decorated with the EMC (Educated Market Collab) logo and pattern. 

The joint features a BMG logo on one side and the HE logo on the opposite. 

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