V1 Barrel Coil Adapter 16/OG

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This Barrel Coil Adapter connects to 16mm diameter E-nail coils to our titanium inserts which feature the original "OG" size threading. Compatible bottoms include: OG Male, D-Adapter, T-Adapter, and I-Adapter. 

Compatible bottoms include: OG Insert, D-Adapter, and T-Adapter bodies.

Compatible tops include: V1 Clear Fused Quartz Dish with Ti Fastener

Proudly designed and machined in the USA.

Compatible dishes

V1 Quartz, Large InfiniTi Dish

Barrel Size

16mm coils (actual size 15.75mm dia x 15.25 h)


ASTM B348 Gr2 Ti 

Nail:Head Outer Diameter


Dish/Cap Inner Diameter


Dish Volume (cc’s)


Thread Size/Pitch on Bottom

1/2-24 "OG"

Thread Size/Pitch on Top

5/16-18 "InfiniTi"