Highly Educated

Handled Quartz Carb Cap

$ 75.00


This is Highly Educated's new machined Quartz Carb Cap. These carb caps are machined from GE clear fused quartz and are made to specification to fit our new quartz nails, hybrid titanium/quartz nails, as well as our titanium enail inserts and titanium domeless nails (excluding the TriniTi and 10mm Domeless nails). They come with an attached flat tip, or fine point quartz dabber. Select your style tip in the drop down menu.

The advantages of having a machined quartz carb cap are as follows: (1) Quartz has a low thermal conductivity coefficient compared to titanium, this results in less heat transfer occurring from the nail to the cap keeping more of the heat energy inside of the nails material, allowing the heat to effectively serve its purpose. (2) Being able to see where your puddle is allows you to focus the air stream where its needed most. This allows a user to spin a puddle around the nail so that the puddle is constantly seeking a new vaporization surface. (3) The tool is machined to fit perfectly with our nails which means you wont run into sizing issues between nails and caps.

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