INFINITi Titanium Nail

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The Highly Educated InfiniTi Nail was the first adjustable and convertible Domeless Nail on the market to incorporate the concept of multiple joint compatibility. The nail opens up from its enclosure to reveal two dish heads (InfiniTi Large Dish, InfiniTi Small Dish), a Threaded Tube, a Male Plug, and a Female Sleeve. The Male Plug allows the nail to insert into either a 14mm or an 18mm female ground joint. The Female Sleeve allows the nail to slide over a 14mm or an 18mm male ground joint. The Female Sleeve is engraved with the InfiniTi Symbol, the Large Dish is engraved with the words HIGHLY EDUCATED TITANIUM. Proudly designed and machined in the USA.

INFINITi Titanium Nail features:

    THD tube OD .312in/7.93mm
    THD tube Hole .201in/5.1mm
    Large Cap Cup Volume 852.127 mm3
    Small Cap Cup Volume 570.270 mm3
    Max Female Height 3.18in/80.77mm
    Max Male Height 2in/50.8mm
    Closed Assembly Height 1.82in/46.23mm
    Closed Assembly Diameter .865in/21.97mm
    Joint Size: 14 or 18 mm Male or Female
    Material: Grade 2 Titanium
    Weight: 34.4 Grams
    Polished Easy to Clean Surface
    Made in the USA