Highly Educated

V2FQ 10mm Male

$ 60 $ 140

Not every dab is a glob. These V2FQ nails are great nails for casual users. The heat up and cool down times are reduced from traditional bangers which is ideal if you aren't trying to cook grams. This saves you butane, and saves you a lot of wait time. Take your dab. Get on with your day. 

Released shortly after the V1FQ Clear Nail, the V2FQ features a reduced air intake hole to increase the dish volume on the inside while still maintaining reverse compatibility with carb caps on the outside. The inside corners of the dish have had a radius added to help prevent carbon from collecting and to conform to the shape of a cotton swab for easy maintenance. The dish was designed with your cotton swab maintenance habits in mind. Unlike traditional quartz nails, the Highly Educated V2FQ nails are machined from a quartz slab and not made from tubing. The dish is machined from GE clear fused quartz which has a nominal purity of 99.995% SiO2. Precise machining of this semiconductor grade quartz allows the V2FQ Nails to be reverse compatible with tools like our Carb Cap V2, UniTi Cap, or ParTi Cap. The dish is fire polished after machining to remove the white blanchart finish and return the dish to looking crystal clear. 




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