Highly Educated Gavel Ranked #1 Quartz Banger by High Times Magazine

The Gavel has only been on the market for four months. But thanks to the material and surface science of the product, it has quickly risen among the ranks of its contemporaries.

A recent article was published by High Times early in October that listed the "Top 10 Quartz Bangers for Concentrates". Originally the Highly Educated Gavel was not included on the list. However, the author reached out to Highly Educated and informed us that the reason we were not included was because he was not aware of our product at the time and that he wanted to give our product a fair shake.

Well after reviewing our product for several weeks, his results are now in. We would have been happy placing anywhere on the top 10, but we are humbled to be considered number one.

Check out the entire TOP 10 list here.