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Rewards & Referrals Program FAQ

Our Rewards program is referred to as Loilty Points. That spelling error is intentional. 

Loilty Points FAQ

1. How do I earn Loilty Points?
You can earn Loilty Points in 3 ways: (1) When you sign up receive 200 points. (2) On your birthday each year receive a 500 point bonus. (3) Earn 6 points for every $1 you spend (some days are double point event days where you can earn as much as 12 points per $1 spent). 

 Action Earns
Sign Up 200 Points
Birthday 500 Points
Place an order 6 Points per $1/spent


2. How are Loilty Points valued?
Generally Loilty Points are valued around $0.01 per point.  You can look at it as saving .06 off every $1 spent, or 6%. But the more Loilty Points you save, the more valuable they become. For more information on this, check out the table below. 

 Coupon Reward Required Points Additional Savings Discount
$5.00 Off Coupon 500 0%
$10.00 Off Coupon 1000 0%
$20.00 Off Coupon 1850 7.5%
$50.00 Off Coupon 4500 9%
$100.00 Off Coupon 8500



Building up Loilty Points builds up additional discounts and savings for you. 

3. How are Loilty Points redeemed?
Loilty Points are redeemed for either free promo products or cash off coupons. They can be redeemed through the pop-up panel on the site by clicking the crown in the lower left corner.

4. I recently placed an order but did not receive the points associated with the purchase, can I be credited those points?
Yes. If you recently made a purchase within a week of signing up for the program, just message us. We will gladly give the points to you for any purchases that were made up to 1 week before joining the program. 

5. What are double point days?
Double point days are exactly what they sound like. We crank up the points so that you receive 12 points for every dollar spent rather than 6. Double point days usually occur on major holidays like April 20th or July 10th, but are not guaranteed to run on those days. We will also sometimes combine and double point and sale days to maximize savings for our patrons. 

6. Can I stack my rewards coupon codes on top of event sale discounts?
Unfortunately no. Our system will only allow one discount at a time. If we are having a sale then all items are discounted and no promotional codes will work during the time of the sale. Codes will be redeemable once the sale has commenced. 

 Referrals FAQ

1. How does the program work?
Earn up to $40 between you and a friend for each successfully completed referral. You share a referral link with a friend and it gives them a $20 off coupon. That's not all. We'll send you a $20 off coupon when they make a purchase as a reward for successfully referring a friend. 

2. How do I send a referral?
After signing up for the Loilty Points reward program, you will find your referral link at the bottom of the program panel interface. Open the interface by clicking on the rewards crown at the lower left corner of the site, you will find the referral link by scrolling to the bottom. This section will also keep track of how many successful referrals you have completed. 

3. Can I send a referral to myself?
No. You can not send a referral to yourself. Attempts to refer ones self will be blocked, and IP addresses attempting to game the system may be blocked from accessing the site permanently.  We reserve the right to block anyone from the program if we believe there are attempts to exploit the system.