1. What is the QX2S?
The QX2S is the second quartz/titanium hybrid nail from Highly Educated. 

2. What is the purpose of the titanium shield?
The shield serves three purposes. The first, it helps increase the heat transfer surrounding the quartz. Titanium has a comparatively high thermal conductivity to quartz. When quartz is used with electronic nails there is a substantial temperature difference between the quartz floor and the quartz walls due to quartz's low thermal conductivity. By surrounding the quartz with a material that has a high thermal conductivity, we can help transfer some of that heat energy to the surrounding walls. The second purpose, it helps protect quartz from breakage. By isolating the dish from the damage that contact with an expanding coil can cause, and by housing it inside a protective "shield", the chances of any accidental mishap occurring are significantly reduced. The last purpose the shield serves, is to make the quartz carb caps (originally designed for our V1FQ nails) backwards compatible.

3. How do I connect it to a flat coil e-nail? A 16mm enail? A 20mm e-nail?
Connecting the QX2S to a flat coil e-nail requires you select the "flat coil fastener" option in the listing drop down menu, or order separately here: https://highlyeducatedti.com/collections/replacement-parts/products/individual-hybrid-parts?variant=32305565126
Connecting the QX2S to a 16mm enail: https://highlyeducatedti.com/collections/qx2-hybrid/products/qx2-16mm-enail-plug-infiniti-threads
Connecting the QX2S to a 20mm e-nail: https://highlyeducatedti.com/collections/qx2-hybrid/products/qx2-20mm-enail-plug-infiniti-threads

4. I have an original "OG" Highly Educated E-nail insert with the larger diameter threads. Can I connect the QX2S to my OG threaded body style? 
Yes! You can connect to your OG male, D-Adapter, and T-adapter e-nail bodies with either the following 16mm or 20mm plugs.
16mm: https://highlyeducatedti.com/collections/qx2-hybrid/products/qx2-16mm-enail-plug-og-threads
20mm: https://highlyeducatedti.com/collections/qx2-hybrid/products/qx2-20mm-enail-plug-og-threads

5. I have a Highly Educated Extendable E-Nail insert with the extended threads. Can I connect the QX2S to my Extendable body style?
Yes! You can connect your Extendable E-Nail with either the following 16mm or 20mm plugs:
16mm: https://highlyeducatedti.com/collections/qx2-hybrid/products/qx2-16mm-enail-plug-extendable-threads
20mm: https://highlyeducatedti.com/collections/qx2-hybrid/products/qx2-20mm-enail-plug-extendable-threads

6. What carb cap is recommended for use with the QX2S?
Currently the quartz carb caps are the recommended cap for the QX2S setup. 

7. What e-nail (enail coil) is optimal for use with the QX2S?
A flat coil e-nail is recommended for optimal use with the QX2S. The QX2S is in excess of 30mm in diameter. A flat coil enail is around 25mm in diameter and has the widest spread.  20mm and 16mm coil diameters will require somewhere from a 25%-30% temperature increase to make up for their smaller diameter spread and acheive a similar dish temperature.

8. I have an InfiniTi nail, can I connect it to a QX2S? And an E-nail?
Yes! While the QX2 is not threaded itself, the fastener can hold it in place on top, while an InfiniTi titanium dish or a ti threaded washer can support it from underneath. If you do not have a titanium dish to support it underneath, you can use this titanium threaded washer: https://highlyeducatedti.com/collections/qx2-hybrid/products/ti-threaded-washer
To connect it to a flat coil enail, simply sandwich the coil into place. To connect it to a 16mm or 20mm e-nail coil, refer to the links in question #3.

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