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Quartz Nails

Nails made fully from 99.99% SiO2 Fused Silica. Please select either one, or multiple tag options below to narrow your results. 

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25mm Gavel SE25mm Gavel SE
25mm Gavel SE Sale price$ 210.00
25mm Gavel 325mm Gavel 3
25mm Gavel 3 Sale price$ 180.00
25mm Gavel V2Gavel V2 14mm/M/90°-Highly Educated-Highly Educated
25mm Gavel V2 Sale price$ 180.00
30MM Gavel V2 14/M/90°-Highly Educated-Highly Educated30MM Gavel V2 14/M/90°-Highly Educated-Highly Educated
30mm Gavel V2 Sale price$ 210.00
30mm Gavel SE30mm Gavel SE
30mm Gavel SE Sale price$ 245.00
Control Tower w/ SE PillarControl Tower w/ SE Pillar
Control Tower w/ SE Pillar Sale price$ 380.00