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UPDATE 3/29/23: Word of mouth about our great customer service has spread. We keep getting requests for service on parts we did not manufacture.  Unfortunately we only have enough bandwidth to service our own customers. FOR CUSTOMER SERVICE ON PARTS WE DID NOT MANUFACTURE, PLEASE REFER TO THE MANUFACTURER FOR SERVICE. WE DO NOT REPAIR OR REFURBISH OTHER BRANDS. NOT EVEN FOR A PREMIUM AT THIS TIME. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING.

Repair and Refurbishing Prices are only used to offset the cost of each individual repair, so each case may vary and prices are subject to change. As of 3/29/2023 our general set prices for these services are as follows:

  • Refurbish $39.99
    (Includes resurfacing of the nail, removal of all devitrification, contamination stains, scratches, etc.)
  • Joint Repair $79.99
    (When all that's left is the bucket. Includes new joint part, standard repair service, and refurbish service.)
  • Control Tower Dish Repair $139.99
    (Includes new dish part, refurbish, and repairs to any other affected areas of the Tower)

Please take the time to read the liability waiver below before completing the form. After completing the form, please allow 1-2 business days for your job to be approved and your instructions to arrive. The process is not automated so we appreciate your patience while awaiting our response.



Repairs and Refurbishing items is an at cost service we offer to our loyal patrons. But the service does not come without potential risks. Please read some of the potential risks below. Potential risks include but are not limited to:

  • Item lost in shipping transit.
  • Item is not repairable.
  • Item is modified during the process.
  • Refurbishing involves surface removal; Repeatedly refurbishing an item can thin and weaken it.
  • Item can be returned with imperfections.   

  • By completing this form, I authorize Highly Educated to perform repair or refurbish work on my Highly Educated Gavel, Gavel 2, Gavel 3, Control Tower, or Quartz Carb Cap. While Highly Educated has been trained to perform repair and refurbish work, I understand that work comes with inherent risk. By completing this form I acknowledge the potential risk involved and I agree to waive Highly Educated from liability for any claims or damages that may arise from work performed on my item(s).