COVID-19 and Highly Educated

The world is experiencing a global pandemic like we have never seen before. It only makes sense you might have some questions about us and or your order at this time. The two most common are:

1. Are you still shipping orders?
Yes. Highly Educated's office is currently being operated by two, socially distanced, healthy employees who can still fulfill your order in a timely fashion. 

2. Are you still manufacturing?
Yes. Our facility makes a multitude of parts for varying industries and has been deemed an essential business during the shut down. Our employees have the option to not work during the pandemic, and they have been asked to stay home if they feel any sort of symptoms.

3. Will I experience any delays with my order?
Most likely no. However things are evolving quickly and it is possible you might experience a delay due to unforeseen circumstances developing in our area or yours. 

If you have any questions about your orders you may always submit them to

Thanks and stay safe.


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