Highly Educated

ParTi Cap

$ 15.00
Introducing Highly Educated's newly designed ParTi Cap, the most universal carb cap on the market. Pictured here with the longer threaded dabbers but for a limited time new purchases will come with an additional shortened thread version of your dabber selection (not pictured). That's right, if you add a dabber to your purchase, you will receive two dabbers for the price of one (while supplies last). The ParTi Cap's dual-sided design allows it to function either concave side down or flat side down depending on what you need to cap. Attach the ParTi Cap to a compatible dabber concave side down and the ParTiCap will function fantastically with Mothership Honeybuckets, Highly Educated Domeless Nails, and Electronic Nails. Attach the ParTiCap to a compatible dabber flat-side down and the ParTi Cap functions wonderfully with Quave Club Bangers (Standard and XL), Halen Honey Holes/Troughs, Quartz Enails, traditional domes and many more. The ParTi Cap is the only cap you'll need to bring to the party. 

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