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ParTi Cap Dabbers (Flat tip)

Sale price$ 15.00

The ParTi Cap Concentrate Dabbers by Highly Educated are 5" inch grade 2 titanium dabbers featuring either a flat tip top, or original ball point top, on one end and a hollowed threaded end on the other. This concentrate dabber has been specially designed to work with a ParTi Cap and is not compatible with our other carb caps. This is the second version of the dabber that addresses the concerns raised with the first. The dabbers hollowed end allows the user to regulate air intake by covering the 2 lateral holes that are placed above the hollow tip. The holes are placed directly across from each other so you should never have trouble locating them in use. (Carb Cap not Included)
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ParTi Cap Dabbers (Flat tip)
ParTi Cap Dabbers (Flat tip) Sale price$ 15.00